LMT “Cobblestone” is an exciting new GPS Tracker.

It is a rugged, smart GPS tracker with long battery life and a size that makes it easy to fit into a bag, bike, boat, stock, machine stroller or any other item you care about.

This product is available through selected retailers and directly from Landmark Tracking.

GSM & WiFi Communication

  • Easily switch between 5 Tracking Profiles (Higher update rate, reduces battery lifetime): Once a week, an hour after movement, switching back to once a week, Once a day, Every 15 minutes, Burn Mode (Every few seconds).
  • The LMT Cobblestone is as small as it comes at just 6cm x 6cm.
  • Includes an easy-to-understand manual and support.
LMT Cobblestone GPS Tracker Solutions
GPS Tracker for Effective Fleet Management
LMT Cobblestone GPS Tracker for Multipurpose Tracking Uses

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LMT “Cobblestone” product overview

  • Once-Off purchase cost (no monthly fees)
  • Items can be tracked anywhere on earth
  • Easy to activate and battery can last up to 10 years
  • Use it as a secret backup tracker in case your primary one is removed
  • No subscription and data costs
  • It is rugged, waterproof and includes no moving parts
  • Available for private and commercial clients
  • Monitor exact location of unlimited amount of trackers through the free Cobblestone iOS/Android app and online platform

Perfect for tracking the location of high value assets such as: Cars, trucks, yellow metal equipment, boats, jet skis,
motorbikes, bicycles, caravans, golf bags, generators, industrial equipment and more.

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