Complete Fleet Management
& Reporting Solutions

Benefits of fleet management

At Landmark Tracking, we specialise in offering our clients a comprehensive Fleet Management Solution to suit any and all your Fleet Management needs. Our ultimate tacking solution, filled with a range of quality products and client curated services, makes managing your fleet an easy job.

  • Comprehensive support and training for your staff

  • 24/7 real-time remote monitoring across devices

  • We offer nationwide vehicle recovery

Our products

All our products and services are backed up by professional armed assistance and recovery with an
around the clock control room manned by well trained specialists.

Fleet tracking

Now you can always keep track of your fleet with our top of the range Fleet Tracking solutions ensures to keeps the whereabouts of your cargo, driver and assets known.

Fleet fuel management

Manage your Fleet’s fuel efficiency with our complete fuel monitoring system with built in GSM and fuel level sensors.

Fleet video monitoring

With our four channel Mobile Digital Video Solution you can log-in live to any vehicle and view up to four cameras positioned anywhere on your vehicle and trailers.

Dashboard features you’ll have access to

With our six core platform features we are able to provide your business with a comprehensive fleet management system that can cater for all your tracking needs.


The workflow feature is our next generation Dispatch Module which has been updated with many new features to make the management of your fleet’s daily location based tasks intuitive, flexible and most of all functional. Route performance is automatically calculated allowing you to automatically determine driver performance on the various routes. Allowing you to streamline your routes to be as cost effective as possible.


We have over 24 different reports that will provide you with all the relevant information you may need.

  • Alert Reports
  • Driver Behavior Reports
  • Fleet Reports
  • POI Reports
  • Tracking Reports
  • Security Reports

2bio fuel level sensor

Different fuel types (summer diesel, winter diesel and especially biodiesel) have different permittivity values. For accurate fuel volume measurement in case of switching between different types of fuel re-calibration of fuel tank is needed. Our 2BIO FUEL SENSOR is designed for accurate volume measurement of all types of fuel. Re-Calibration and re-configurations are not needed.

Wireless fuel level sensor

Our wireless fuel level sensors can transmit data on fuel level/volume simultaneously to several devices.

  • Smartphones
  • Telematics units
  • Tablets

No cables allows for quick installation and increased resistance to vandalism.

Last Known Position

Find your fleet at the click of a mouse. Once the vehicle is located, stream on multiple cameras at the same time or call into the cab to speak to the drive.

Video Dashboard

Videos are archived and stored in the dashboard for easy retrieval at anytime. Create various events that automatically records video when triggered and sends it to you VIA email giving you control of your fleet without lifting a finger.

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