Airline security has become an increasing issue over the last two decades, with new security measures continuously being introduced with attempts to aid this situation. Due to this rising matter, greater attention is now being placed on the access and control surrounding the equipment of airport service providers. With minor exceptions, ground support equipment (GSE) owners and service providers do not have access control systems in place for the operation of their equipment and machinery.

Landmark Tracking’s Fleet Management solution offers GSE service providers a GPS-based airport equipment management and solution that provides supervised access to their equipment as well as real-time visibility through a web-based software-as-a-service platform.

With this solution, GSE owners can meet the demands of airport authorities while improving their service to their clients, the air service providers. Due to the sophisticated nature of the airline industry, there is a high demand for accuracy in administrative processes, as well as the ability to select additional services such as the visibility of equipment usage, access control and geo-location – which Landmark Tracking offers as part of its value-added services.

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All our products and services are backed up by professional armed assistance and recovery with an
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Fleet tracking

Now you can always keep track of your fleet with our top of the range Fleet Tracking solutions ensures to keeps the whereabouts of your cargo, driver and assets known.

Fleet fuel management

Manage your Fleet’s fuel efficiency with our complete fuel monitoring system with built in GSM and fuel level sensors.

Fleet video monitoring

With our four channel Mobile Digital Video Solution you can log-in live to any vehicle and view up to four cameras positioned anywhere on your vehicle and trailers.

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