Landmark Tracking allows farmers to reduce expenditures whilst improve their overall productivity and performance through better decision making and planning, regardless of the crop type, farm or fleet size.

Our GPS monitoring devices are fit-in to make sure that your farming equipment is continuously monitored and accounted for, even off the fields.

Our Fleet management services and video tracking solution allows you to keep your eyes on your equipment and keep track of:

  • Machine usage (operating hours)
  • The pattern of use (direction when used)
  • Machine distance (km)
  • Service schedule

Fleet management benefits

Cost-effective solutions

  • Receive a real-time alert if agricultural equipment leaves the preferred area via Geo-fencing and Points of Interest
  • Asset tracking for proactive asset management

Our products

All our products and services are backed up by professional armed assistance and recovery with an
around the clock control room manned by well trained specialists.

Fleet tracking

Now you can always keep track of your fleet with our top of the range Fleet Tracking solutions ensures to keeps the whereabouts of your cargo, driver and assets known.

Fleet fuel management

Manage your Fleet’s fuel efficiency with our complete fuel monitoring system with built in GSM and fuel level sensors.

Fleet video monitoring

With our four channel Mobile Digital Video Solution you can log-in live to any vehicle and view up to four cameras positioned anywhere on your vehicle and trailers.

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