Fleet fuel management benefits

Our state-of-the-art fuel probes and fuel flow meters continuously measure and report on fuel levels, fuel dispensed,
fuel added, fuel stolen alerts, consumption etc, both in static and mobile fuel tanks.

  • Proper fuel consumption and control
  • Possible fuel stolen alerts
  • Fuel–readings / levels on demand directly from the fuel tank
  • Fuel added – per transaction
  • Centralised fuel control

With the new 2Bio Fuel Probe, you can get an alert if any other substance is added to their fuel and what this substance is.
e.g. paraffin or petrol to diesel etc.

Find out how you can safely store your diesel supply on-site
and effortlessly refill generators.

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Fleet fuel management features

Arguably the best and most accurate fuel probes in the world.

  • Live and independent
  • Probes are fitted with SIM cards in the actual probe to report fuel activity and levels
  • All readings and activities are given in detailed report and graph format with comprehensive history
  • All the probe information can be viewed centrally from any device. There are IOS and Android applications available for cellular devices
  • There are several different probes i.e. RS232, RS485, Analogue, CAN and GSM that can be utilised in different applications and situations
  • The new 2Bio Fuel Probe can detect the permittivity of different substances and report variations or alert the client to foreign liquids or substances being added to their fuel

Dashboard features you’ll have access to

With our six core platform features we are able to provide your business with a comprehensive fleet management system that can cater for all your tracking needs.

Wireless fuel level sensor

Our wireless fuel level sensors can transmit data on fuel level/volume simultaneously to several devices.

  • Smartphones
  • Telematics units
  • Tablets

No cables allows for quick installation and increased resistance to vandalism.


DUT-E is our Fuel level sensor which functions as a part of a vehicle monitoring system.

  • Fuel level in the tanks
  • Fuel consumption in the tanks
  • Fuel theft from tank is easy to spot
  • Fill-ups and fuel theft

GSM fuel level sensor

GSM is an integrated solution for real-time tracking and fuel monitoring for your fleet.

  • Speed, Trip, Idle times
  • Tank refilling
  • Fuel consumption from tank
  • Fuel draining

Telematics service – ORF4

ORF4 is our telematics service for the real-time monitoring of vehicles fitted with our fuel sensors with post-trip analysis of their operation.

  • Web based – no additional software needed
  • Universal vehicle tracking software
  • Fuel Monitoring
  • Access various analytical report templates
  • Real-time fleet monitoring

Diesel generator monitoring system

  • Uninterrupted fuel supply
  • Remote engine diagnostics
  • Fuel theft prevention
  • Alarms for: engine start/stop, fuel tank fill up/draining, exceeding fuel consumption and operating time limit
  • Fuel consumption monitoring
  • Operation time monitoring
  • Notification on critically low fuel volume
  • Launch readiness monitoring – no malfunctions/errors, enough fuel in tank

2bio fuel level sensor

Different fuel types (summer diesel, winter diesel and especially biodiesel) have different permittivity values. For accurate fuel volume measurement in case of switching between different types of fuel re-calibration of fuel tank is needed. Our 2BIO FUEL SENSOR is designed for accurate volume measurement of all types of fuel. Re-Calibration and re-configurations are not needed

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