Fuel Theft is Hurting Your Business – Fight Back Today!

Fuel theft is a considerable threat and criminal act that affects a multitude of industries such as
mining, agriculture, construction, logistics and general transport.

With fuel consumption being one of the biggest and most important operational costs for any vehicle fleet company, the impact can be worsened when coupled with the rising petrol and diesel costs.

When it comes to fuel theft, it tends to start out small, but increases over time and without a fuel management system in place, fleet operators may not be aware fuel is being stolen. In certain instances and particularly in larger fleets, syndicates have found a way to make the exorbitant fuel consumption appear normal, as there aren’t any individual vehicles that seem to be using more fuel than others.

Protect your fleet against the threat of fuel theft with our antisiphoning devices, suitable for any tank size.

Let Your Business Benefit from an Anti-Fuel Theft Device

  • “Quote” from large logistic companies that they have had savings of up to 25%.
  • Small amounts of fuel stolen will not be noticeable or traceable in the vehicles consumption records.
  • With the cost of fuel fluctuating, the payback period for fuel saved by one device is quick.

How are the Anti-Fuel Theft Devices Installed?

  • No drilling or glue involved when installing.
  • Installation can take up to 15 minutes to complete.
  • It consists of a tamper-proof break off nut and lockable cap. There are no punctures or floats.
  • Once installed it is almost impossible to remove.

What are the Anti-Fuel Theft Devices Made Of?

  • Made from solid 080M40 steel.
  • Machined on Computer controlled machines.
  • Caps are produced on the same machines.
  • Manufactured from aluminum & plastic round bar.
  • All caps supplied with vacuum breather ports.
  • All devices are electrolysis nickel plated.

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