Fleet tracking benefits

  • Tracking is real time, every few seconds and pin-point accurate
  • LMT has a web based, easy to use interface
  • Full fleet management platform with customised solutions
  • LMT is backed up by Afrisist for national recoveries, investigations, armed escorts etc.
  • LMT has integrated tracking, unique recovery and various other units to this platform
  • All alerts e.g. battery disconnect, towing alerts, panics etc are handled by Afrisist and armed response dispatched where necessary

In short LMT offers a professional and state-of-the-art end to end fleet management system as well as a bureau service.

Learn How Fleet Tracking Improves Fleet Efficiency

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Fleet tracking features

We use a combination of GPS, GSM, and GPRS-enabled tracking devices to provide the best fleet management.
To add further value, our fleet management systems are integrated with state of the art hardware.

  • Pin-point accurate positioning
  • Accurate Kilometres and/or engine hours
  • Detailed reports – on demand and scheduled
  • Detailed dispatch
  • Detailed Geo-Fencing and Landmarks
  • Driver Identification, driver hours worked and leave planning
  • Detailed Alert Reports, including temperature, PTO engagement outside geofence etc
  • Repository for driver and vehicle documents i.e. PDP, drivers and other licences, maintenance documents etc.
  • Real time updates – every few seconds
  • Detailed Routing
  • Driver Behaviour reports
  • Event Reports
  • Site available in English, French and Portuguese (for certain African countries)
  • Immediate alerts via platform, email and SMS to various recipients
  • Proper Scheduling and detailed Routing per route, per stop, per driver, per vehicle – early warning of possible delays
  • On board communication – totally hands free
  • Control of unauthorised use – by person and time
  • Asset Tracking
  • Comprehensive exceptions reports
  • Fleet Reports, including detailed Trip Reports
  • User activity reports
  • Planning and controlling of vehicle Maintenance, with alerts and schedule reports
  • Various, immediate, alerts including battery tamper, GPS disconnect, towing alarms etc.

LMT also has the Garmin GPS unit integrated to our platform

Dashboard features you’ll have access to

With our six core platform features we are able to provide your business with a comprehensive fleet management system that can cater for all your tracking needs.


We offer the latest Google Maps with live traffic updates as well as street view all from within our tracking platform. Distance and area measurements, points of interest and Geo-Fence boundaries are overlaid on the map with ease within the main tracking display page.

Dashboard View

The dashboard view provides a 24 Hour summarized view of your devices/vehicles and all the alerts triggered by our devices are displayed on the dashboard along with important information relating to your fleet providing you with real-time information at a glance.


Our routing function allows you to select anywhere on the map and find up to 1000 of the closest vehicles to that location. You can then select a particular vehicle and get the fastest directions from the vehicle to the point selected.


The workflow feature is our next generation Dispatch Module which has been updated with many new features to make the management of your fleet’s daily location based tasks intuitive, flexible and most of all functional. Route performance is automatically calculated allowing you to automatically determine driver performance on the various routes. Allowing you to streamline your routes to be as cost effective as possible.


We have over 24 different reports that will provide you with all the relevant information you may need.

  • Alert Reports
  • Driver Behavior Reports
  • Fleet Reports
  • POI Reports
  • Tracking Reports
  • Security Reports


Geo-fences are imaginary boundaries that can be set up on our tracking platform that can trigger alerts and actions whenever your vehicle enters or exits these predefined areas. Create your own security zones using Landmark Tracking’s Geo-Fence feature with our state of the art control room available 24/7 to monitor various “No-go” zones. Geo-Fencing allows you to dynamically manage your vehicles and its occupants. The specified Geo-Fences and real-time alerts and notifications are sent out via SMS or email when alerts are triggered.

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