Our fleet management reporting dashboard allows you to manage

  • The time it takes to complete a route
  • Towing alarms
  • Harsh usage of vehicles
  • Disconnect alerts
  • A driver is speeding
  • If the vehicle is going off-route
  • Panic and distress situations
  • Many other preset alerts
  • Zone violations

Take a look at how our services can help your fleet

Protect your fleet on the go with Landmark Trackings’ fleet management solutions

Our products

All our products and services are backed up by professional armed assistance and recovery with an
around the clock control room manned by well trained specialists.

Fleet tracking

Now you can always keep track of your fleet with our top of the range Fleet Tracking solutions ensures to keeps the whereabouts of your cargo, driver and assets known.

Fleet fuel management

Manage your Fleet’s fuel efficiency with our complete fuel monitoring system with built in GSM and fuel level sensors.

Fleet video monitoring

With our four channel Mobile Digital Video Solution you can log-in live to any vehicle and view up to four cameras positioned anywhere on your vehicle and trailers.

Dashboard features you’ll have access to

With our six core platform features we are able to provide your business with a comprehensive fleet management system that can cater for all your tracking needs.


We offer the latest Google Maps with live traffic updates as well as street view all from within our tracking platform. Distance and area measurements, points of interest and Geo-Fence boundaries are overlaid on the map with ease within the main tracking display page.


Our routing function allows you to select anywhere on the map and find up to 1000 of the closest vehicles to that location. You can then select a particular vehicle and get the fastest directions from the vehicle to the point selected.

GSM fuel level sensor

GSM is an integrated solution for real-time tracking and fuel monitoring for your fleet.

  • Speed, Trip, Idle times
  • Tank refilling
  • Fuel consumption from tank
  • Fuel draining


DUT-E is our Fuel level sensor which functions as a part of a vehicle monitoring system.

  • Fuel level in the tanks
  • Fuel consumption in the tanks
  • Fuel theft from tank is easy to spot
  • Fill-ups and fuel theft

Real Time Streaming

Video can be streamed in real-time whilst following your vehicle on the map. With up to four cameras, you can cover your vehicle inside and out. Audio is available as well, if you have a microphone installed in the vehicle.


Driving under the influence of alcohol is a major threat to everyone on the road and for businesses who transport hazardous materials. Under the Aarto act Companies need to understand their responsibilities as well as ways to protect themselves from possible liability relating to employees’ driving offenses.

Frequently asked questions


Can Landmark Tracking recover my vehicle outside South Africa?


Our recovery control centre monitors vehicles moving throughout the continent. When a vehicle is stolen and moves over the border or is stolen in another country, the recovery division identifies the location of the vehicle, makes contact with an appropriate recovery company in that country and facilitates the recovery process.


Can you manage my entire fleet?


Our LMT320 is a comprehensive fleet management system that allows you to monitor multiple vehicles at a time. We install a unit in each vehicle, and from the comfort of your own desktop you can see where they are, what their fuel consumption is, what maintenance they need, how the drivers are treating their vehicles, the vehicle’s history, and their route information. You can set geofences and also monitor their ongoing safety. The LMT320 shows your entire fleet, in real time, from anywhere.


Do you want to find the most important people in your life?


The LMT 200 helps you keep track of your children, your family, staff or your VIP clients while they’re standing still or on the move. Worn on a person, the LMT 200 uses GPS, GPRS and SMS technology to locate the people you most want to protect in your life. It’s ideal for use in small spaces and can also be used as a remote positioning device to protect your loved ones/VIP clients. The LMT 200 has an SOS button to help you find the wearer in emergencies.


Do you want to protect your assets?


The LMT505 is a powerful, waterproof, GPS-based trailer recovery and monitoring unit. With extended battery life, geofencing functionality, you’ll know the minute your assets are on the move when they shouldn’t be. With GPRS or SMS reporting capabilities, you can also use the LMT505 as a backup recovery unit for vehicles, trailers or any other moving assets.


Do you want to track individual products, people or even pets on the move?


The LMT200GL works on the same platform as the LMT320, LMT200 and LMT505. These mini multi-functional asset tracking units are designed to help you keep a constant eye on your most valuable assets as they move around. The units report to using GPRS, or SMS and GPS to monitor and pinpoint the location of the items or people. They’re water resistant too!


Do you want to track your vehicles without others knowing?


The small LMT200 and LMT320 units are designed to be tucked away in the vehicle, and programmed to let you know where the vehicle is at any time. The units are built for two-way communication and include multiple features that allows two-way communication with the driver. Temperature control functions make them perfect for refrigerated vehicles; and Garmin technology helps you route and monitor your vehicles at all times. You can even monitor fuel levels from afar. It’s complete control, wherever you are.


How do I get a Landmark Tracking unit fitted inside my vehicle?


You can phone our offices directly for a quote, ask for a consultation appointment with a representative, or leave a message on our website.


What factors could affect GPS accuracy?


Atmosphere, ionosphere and the position of your GPS receiver could all affect GPS accuracy. Buildings, natural structures and heavy foliage obstructing the GPS unit’s view of the sky may also influence the accuracy of the reported position.


What is GPS?


The Global Positioning System (GPS) is the only fully-functional satellite navigation system. A constellation of GPS satellites broadcast precise timing signals through the use of radio waves, allowing the GPS receiver to accurately determine its position (longitude, latitude and altitude) under any natural circumstances.


Why should you consider Landmark Tracking for your business?


Because Landmark Tracking operates as a partner in your business, rather than a service provider. We focus on the most important aspects of a company’s vehicle management process:

  • We offer a complete vehicle security solution, including a 24 hour GPS motion monitoring system, full stolen vehicle recovery, user interface parameter control, comprehensive warning alarms and in-vehicle camera access.
  • We also offer a comprehensive fleet management solution including 24 hour access to vehicle movement, physical access control functions, route-based access control in the form of geo-fencing, user-defined point of interest (POI) identification and route planning through tracking. You can set up a range of crucial reports to report directly to any predefined location by SMS, email and platform alterts, with customised definitions to suit you.
  • As an integrated business solution the company will be able to reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction through improved communication and commitment abilities, which ultimately leads to more productive process flows.

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