Example of reports you’ll have access to

Reports available on the Landmark Tracking fleet management reporting dashboard

Alter reports

  • After Hour Exceptions Report

    Displays information on After Hours Ignition & Speed. Use this report to identify any After Hour usage of vehicles.

  • Configured Alert Report

    Displays a list of all configured Alerts on your fleet. Use this report to quickly identify exceptions that are presented through the Alerts.

  • Event Report

    Displays information on events generated by the vehicles in your fleet.

  • Geo-fence Exceptions Report

    Displays information based on rules created within each Geo-fence. Use this report to identify drivers who are not adhering to Geo-fence Rules.

Fleet reports

  • Vehicle Maintenance Schedule Report

    Keep track of your fleet’s service/maintenance Schedule based on kilometres travelled or engine hours.

Tracking reports

  • Fleet Productivity Report

    Measure the productivity across your fleet with a summary of the Actual Hours a Vehicle has been used and the Average Hours worked per day.

  • Detailed Fuel Usage Report

    Using our state of the art fuel probes and fuel flow meters, this report will provide you with the fuel consumption of your vehicles as well as any fuel theft that may occur.

  • Temperature Range Report

    Displays the temperature ranges for various ad hoc equipment attached to your fleet with real-time alerts for over or under temperatures.

  • Driver Debriefing Report

    Debrief your drivers on the following criteria. Time and Attendance, Alerts with speed graph, Fatigue Exceptions and Standing Time Exceptions.

  • Detailed Engine Hours Report

    Easily gather engine hours worked per vehicle allowing you to invoice for rentals with ease and pre-plan services with set automatic reminders of service intervals.

  • Trip Reports

    Generate information for SARS logbooks.

  • Detailed Activity Report

    Displays a complete overview of all activity for your fleet. Use this Report for a detailed report of all valid positions of you fleet.

  • Fleet Vehicle Utilization Report

    Quickly identify which vehicles are driving the greatest distances and consuming the most fuel allowing you to better utilise the vehicles in your fleet.

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