Managing numerous public service vehicles, operators’ efficiency and other employees can be extremely challenging. With the range of different vehicles, duties, routes, and people, ensuring optimal service delivery.

Landmark Tracking’s Fleet Management offers services and systems that allow local authorities and public service providers to thoroughly evaluate, assess and act based on information provided in real-time to improve on misuse of government equipment, overall efficiencies and maximising the well-being and safety of employees.

Have the option of verifying the completion of routes or bin status on refuse vehicles or the operating functions of road sweeping vehicles. Landmark Tracking offers you complete coverage, utilising a combination of GPS, GSM, and GPRS-enabled vehicle tracking devices to provide the best fleet management.

Fleet management benefits

Cost-effective solutions

  • Plan and control vehicle maintenance
  • Driver identification
  • Two-way communication
  • On-board cash safe monitoring
  • Asset & personnel tracking
  • Control unauthorised use of vehicles

Our products

All our products and services are backed up by professional armed assistance and recovery with an
around the clock control room manned by well trained specialists.

Fleet tracking

Now you can always keep track of your fleet with our top of the range Fleet Tracking solutions ensures to keeps the whereabouts of your cargo, driver and assets known.

Fleet fuel management

Manage your Fleet’s fuel efficiency with our complete fuel monitoring system with built in GSM and fuel level sensors.

Fleet video monitoring

With our four channel Mobile Digital Video Solution you can log-in live to any vehicle and view up to four cameras positioned anywhere on your vehicle and trailers.

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