Managing a pharmaceutical vehicle can be a hefty expense, considering how these vehicles are always on the road. Our Fleet Management solution assist with managing vehicle maintenance, driver control and monitoring fuel consumptions.


Landmark Tracking allows you to follow-up on meat deliveries and make sure that your goods arrive where they need to be, with top of the range video camera monitoring and two-way communication with the cargo driver whilst in transit.


We offer our Fleet Management Solutions to security companies who utilise it to make sure that their operations run smoothly, whether it be transporting money in transit or making sure that their staff is performing the correct duties.

Fuel Depots

Many airports have their own dedicated fuel depots, also referred to as “fuel farms”, where aviation fuel is stored prior to being discharged into aircraft fuel tanks. With Landmark Tracking’s advanced Fleet Fuel Management Solution, you can install fuel sensors for fuel consumption monitoring and received detailed fuel management reports regarding the aircraft.


Manufacturers deliver goods to third-party good stores all the time. In the manufacturing industry, products are made in large-scale to meet the irresistible demand from consumers. Our Fleet Management Solution simply aids in making the transportation of these goods a smooth an easy one.

Vehicle Hire

The vehicle hiring business can be tricky. Even with several precautions in place, including insurance, you never really know the type of client you are dealing with or what could happen. Fortunately, with Landmark Tracking you can now have piece of mind knowing where your vehicle is at all time with Geo-fencing and GPS tracking systems, as well as video monitoring that allows you to keep track of driver identification in case of theft or other unforeseen events.

Hailing Services

We provide an array of services that benefit Hailing service companies. From security measures to fuel consumption monitoring, both the driver and the client enjoy the comfort of being fully accounted for.

Individual Vehicle Owners

Your personal vehicle and the loved ones you transport daily are so important. That’s why keeping your vehicle in good standing is a priority for us. Whether it’s GPS tracking, dashboard cameras or fuel management, we’ve got you and your family covered.

Courier Services

Make sure client goods don’t get lost along the way with our Fleet Management Solution. This includes nation-wide vehicle recovery in case of a courier truck break-down.


Fleet management plays a huge role in the Construction Industry, with the main focuses being supervising, maintenance and operation of construction vehicles. We at Landmark Tracking provide solutions for all your fleet needs.

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