10 Ways That GPS Tracking Can Help Keep You and Your Family Safe

There is no job more important than keeping your family safe. As such, it is important to know that our loved ones are protected in the event of an emergency or, better yet, preventing the possibility of an emergency, altogether. They are the number one priority for most of us and ensuring they are safe will make all other aspects of our lives easier to face.

With family safety in mind, you can imagine how beneficial and relieving it would be to know where your family, loved ones and pets are at all times. Thanks to the latest advancements in GPS tracking, it is now simpler than ever to know that your family members are safe and sound. Not to mention, the benefits to the security of valuable possessions, like vehicles.

The accessibility, size and power of modern GPS trackers mean that more and more families are making use of the incredible technological capabilities. Here are 10 ways that you and your family can benefit from using GPS tracking:

  1. Prioritising Safety and Security
    A GPS tracking solution can help you prioritise to the safety and security of your family in a variety of situations. Whether you are concerned about the movements of children at boarding school, adventurous loved ones or elderly family members living in other cities; GPS tracking tools will allow you to monitor their wellbeing and whereabouts with ease. Give yourself peace of mind with a compact, powerful and easy-to-use GPS tracker, such as Landmark Tracking’s LMT Q2 GPS Tracker.
  1. Child and Teen Monitoring
    One of the most effective and important uses of modern GPS trackers is to keep an eye on children in this hectic and fast-paced world. Keeping a small and innocuous GPS tracker in the bag of young kids or the cars of newly-licensed teens; your mind can be at ease knowing their exact location. If a child wanders off in a busy shopping centre or your teen is out with friends and misses their curfew, they have panic alerts and two-way communication available and you can receive real-time location updates.
  1. Vehicle and Mobile Home Tracking
    A rise in crime in recent months has left many South Africans concerned about the security of their vehicles. From cars and trailers to mobile homes and motorbikes, anything that can be driven, wheeled or towed away is at risk of being stolen and lost forever. With a GPS tracker embedded in the vehicle (somewhere out of sight) you can ensure that your vehicle’s location is always within reach. It can also greatly increase the possibility of police or security services recovering your stolen vehicle.
  1. Tracking Pets
    All pet owners and parents are terrified at the possibility of their dogs or cats going missing. Our love runs deep and our concern extends far beyond where they go to the bathroom or what strange items they ingest. Catching a scent at the park or digging a small tunnel under a fence are just some of the ways we fear losing our sweet pets. Compact GPS trackers can be easily attached to the collar of rambunctious and determined pet to ensure you always know where they have gone.
  1. Travel Security
    ‘In case of emergency’ is critical consideration when travelling the world. You never know when you might get lost in a foreign country or get stuck in a dangerous situation in a place you do not know. Especially for loved ones with an adventurous spirit, having a GPS tracker on their person would put the minds of their family at ease. Hiking trails, rivers, the bush and many other areas are, often, outside of network and having a GPS tracker that works anywhere provides critical support.
  1. Route Optimisation and Time Management
    One of the most impressive advancements in recent years is the creation of smart and capable route optimisation tools. An AI-supported system uses GPS tracking, satellite imaging, traffic monitoring and your own travel history to determine optimal routes for you to follow throughout your busy day. Predicting the time spent on the road can help you better – and more confidently – manage your time and daily tasks, such as workdays, shopping, school schedules and appointments, with total confidence.
  1. Luggage Tracking and Tracing
    The list of things that could go wrong when travelling the country or overseas is, unfortunately, quite long. Close to the top of that list is the nagging concern that your luggage is coming along with you for the trip. The airline losing your luggage or forgetting a bag somewhere is a miserable experience that can be mitigated by GPS trackers in your luggage. It cannot altogether prevent an airline mishap or the misplacement of a bag, but it can help keep track of your luggage and, hopefully, in its return.
  1. Keep an Eye on Elderly Loved Ones
    It is important to keep an eye on your elderly loved ones. Arguably, it is even more important to allow them to maintain their independence as they age. However, as our parents or grandparents are getting older, it becomes riskier for them to live on their own, drive at night or travel alone. A GPS tracker can help minimise your concern over your elderly loved one’s whereabouts and wellbeing. This includes a panic alert and communication system if there is ever an emergency and they need assistance.
  1. Protect Your Family Car
    In South Africa, public transport is quite accessible, but can be quite dangerous and unreliable. For most South African families, a car is the only option for getting everyone where they need to be. Cars, not only, give freedom and flexibility to your family’s schedules; it can be used in an emergency to respond quickly. Vehicle theft is a real nightmare for South Africans and a risk to your family, if it happens on the road. GPS trackers provide a sense of security for those worried about the safety of their family car.
  1. A Multidimensional and Multifaceted Tool
    GPS tracking technology is a multidimensional and multifaceted tool that seems to have new applications found for it every single day. Commercial use in the agricultural, transportation and manufacturing sectors, as well as a variety of others, has been increasing year-over-year. Farmers, for example, use GPS tracking tools to support their work, from monitoring animals and deliveries to tracking equipment and produce.


The possibilities of GPS tracking technologies in the commercial sector and in residential environments are endless. These incredible tools have helped keep our families safer, improve the way we do our work, optimise the time we spend on the road and secure many of our most valuable possessions. A GPS tracker could make all the difference in your day-to-day life and for those that you love most.

When your family’s safety is your top priority, you want to know that you are investing in the best products available to you. At Landmark Tracking, we know that our GPS tracking products can meet your highest standards. Our LMT Q2 GPS Tracker is a favourite of our customers with its compact design, pinpoint location accuracy, two-way communication, extensive battery life and incredible reliability. We have seen it used in a variety of situations and, each time, it has provided the user with a sense of peace and security, knowing that they can find everyone that they hold dear and everything they value most, any time.

If you are interested in any of our world-class GPS trackers or other services, please contact Landmark Tracking today.