Busting 5 Common Myths About Fleet Management Systems

Fleet Management

Owners and managers of vehicle fleets have a very complex job that entails managing a wide variety of logistical and administrative processes to ensure that they are operating smoothly. In recent years, a variety of digital innovations have led to the most advanced fleet management systems we have ever seen. Unfortunately, there are many false narratives regarding digitisation and automation; this includes the transportation industry and fleet management technologies.

There is often fear and apprehension about changing the way we run and conduct our business. The fact is that technological and digital advancements are helping streamline business operations and management in the transportation industry. Traditional management systems are somewhat effective after decades of refining the manual processes used, but they are incomparable to the capabilities and efficiency offered by the latest digital fleet management systems.

As with most new innovations, there is a lot of misunderstanding around the access to – and implementation of – those innovations. Let us take a look at 5 common myths about fleet management systems:

“Fleet Management Systems Are Only Good for GPS Tracking”

Unfortunately, most people believe that fleet management systems are just a co-ordinated GPS tracker that can give live locations of each vehicle in their fleet. This is true, but only one of the many different, brilliant and innovative tools that make up modern fleet management systems. Logistics and fleet companies get access to so much more than real-time vehicle updates and tracking – that is only the beginning.

Fuel management, video telematics, security features, communication solutions, route optimisation and many other options are available to fleet owners and managers.  Today’s fleet management systems are a collection of incredible digital tools and software that make managing logistics processes and vehicles fleets easier than ever.  Whatever your operations look like, you can benefit from the latest and greatest innovations in fleet management.

“Fleet Management Systems Are the Same for Every Industry

This could not be further from the truth. Much like available fleet management systems, there is huge diversity in the way these systems can be implemented. Any and all industries, that include vehicle fleet, transportation or delivery services, are primed to benefit from the many advances in fleet management technology in recent years.

Fleet management systems are available in industry-specific, business-specific and need-specific designs that can be suited to meet the logistical and transportation needs of any company, in any industry. From government and public transportation to mining and agriculture, all industries that make use of vehicles benefit from the digital tools offered by modern fleet management systems.

“Fleet Management Systems Are Difficult to Understand and Hard to Use”

As with any new digital technology, many fleet managers believe that the latest fleet management tools are difficult to understand and hard to use. This is absolutely false. One of the best parts of these modern digital innovations is the attention paid to user experience and user interfacing. Today’s fleet management systems are built to be easily controlled from a central digital hub by users of any experience level.

All the management tools and features can be customised to suit your particular business, but even more than that, they are designed to be versatile and adaptable. No matter the industry your company operates in or the size of your vehicle fleet, you can integrate a purpose-built and intentional fleet management system that benefits from all of these ground-breaking technological advancements.

“Fleet Management System Are Only for Massive Fleets”

Fleet management systems are for all sizes and types of vehicle fleets. Even small fleets need some kind of fleet management system to help them grow and develop. Delivery times, route optimisation, fuel management, maintenance planning, wear and tear, training, live tracking, fleet safety and driver scheduling are critical components of all transportation and logistics companies.

Efficiency is not a matter of quantity, but quality. If you want to optimise how your business is run, fleet management solutions are there to help. Even if you run a small logistics, transportation or delivery company, you want that company to be as productive as possible. Effective fleet management is not about the number of resources and assets you own, but how you use them.

“Fleet Management System Are Way Too Expensive”

As new technologies and digital innovations become more widely available, their prices will naturally go down. A new invention is often more expensive to start and then becomes more easily accessible over time. Fleet management systems are the same, they are becoming more affordable every year and the returns on investment are increasing rapidly.

The savings that your logistics, transportation or delivery company will be able to collect are worth the investment on their own, in addition to increasing operational productivity. Reducing fuel expenses, preventing unnecessary wear and tear, optimising delivery routes and avoiding fleet mismanagement all offer incredible opportunities to transform the way your business is run and minimising your operating costs.

If your transportation or logistics company is looking to invest in the latest fleet management solutions and vehicle telematics to help your business improve fleet safety and performance, speak to one of our expert consultants at Landmark Tracking.