Client Success Story: Fuel Management for Mine in South Africa

Fuel Management

Landmark Tracking was initially contacted by a mining site in South Africa regarding our tracking solutions for their immovable assets. However, when they found out we also offer comprehensive fuel measuring and reporting systems, they asked us to help them with an on-going challenge.

The client’s challenge

The clients’ concern was threefold:

  • Fuel Quality Checks: They needed a simple but effective way to verify the quality of the fuel to ensure that it matched the fuel that had been ordered, before the supplier delivered the fuel to their storage tanks. Their original method of testing the fuel was to climb on top of the tanker and sample and test the fuel. This method was cumbersome, dangerous, and time consuming, as the delivery tanker had to park for at least an hour for the fuel to settle.
  • Monitoring Fuel Usage: They wanted to be able to easily measure the fuel in their tanks, fuel received, and fuel dispensed. Their original method was using manual dipsticks at the different tanks, situated at various locations across the mine and had to reconcile flow meter readings and manual transaction records.
  • Managing Fuel Alerts: In a manual environment it’s difficult to know exactly when the fuel will run out in a tank and not having fuel on site would severely and negatively affect production. Therefore, they wanted a solution that would allow them to see the current fuel levels in their tanks and set fuel alerts which would allow them to re-order fuel in a timely manner, without impacting the productivity of the mine.

The Landmark Tracking solution

Our team expertly installed a flow bin with a 2Bio fuel probe solution to verify the quality and type of fuel in a safe and controlled manor before the fuel was accepted from the supplier. We also installed GSM Fuel probes in all the static tanks on the mine, both above and below ground. With these solutions they were able to set up and receive online alerts for instances such as:

  • Fuel Tank Fill Up / Draining
  • Real-Time Fuel Levels
  • Exceeding Fuel Limit Per Trip
  • Alerts on Foreign Substances in the Fuel
  • Alerts on Possible Fuel Theft
  • Fuel Tank Malfunctions etc.


The first phase of the fuel management and tracking system will allow the client to quickly and safely check the quality and type of fuel before delivery by the supplier. They can also monitor all fuel levels and transaction from a central point and in real-time. They can also setup and receive immediate notifications which can be sent to the clients’ procurement department and the fuel supplier when the fuel is running low.

In short – The client now has proper control of all bulk fuel on the mine. Our second phase will involve the installation and setup of fuel probes to all yellow metal, bowser and operational vehicles on this mine.

At Landmark Tracking, we strive to provide end-to-end fuel tracking solutions for our clients. If you are looking for a system that will allow you to easily manage and monitor your fuel, contact us today on 011 728 4757 or email us at