How to optimise your fleet strategy

Fleet Management

At Landmark Tracking we want to ensure that your business runs as efficiently and as reliably as possible. However, with rising fuel and input costs, and driver safety concerns, your fleet strategy may need to be adjusted so that you can streamline your business processes. We have put together a helpful list of areas that can be looked at to optimise your fleet strategy so that you can maximise your returns and minimise your costs.

Driver Habits

The habits of your drivers may affect your fleet in ways that you have not thought of and can result in a myriad of risks. Proper training and education programs can assist in increasing driver safety and capabilities, but it can also help you identify at risk drivers. Drivers that brake too harshly, or idle too often will result in fuel wastage and can decrease your fleets lifecycle.


As the move towards the digital space continues, there are increasing capabilities within the technology sector that can help to optimize your fleet. For example, fuel management systems make use of innovative technology to help you track, record and analyse your fleet’s fuel consumption. This helps you to observe where you are wasting fuel and if any fuel theft has occurred. By using this system, you will be able to get a real-time picture of your vehicles energy efficiency, and you can plan and schedule maintenance in a more effective way.


South African fleets have very particular and serious security concerns that your company needs to address. By establishing a multi-layered security model incorporating onboard systems and cloud systems, you will be able to increase your security and in turn optimise your fleet.  With the use of technology you can protect your fleet by checking the identification, configuration and behaviour of your fleet.

To build up a multi-layered security system you want to utilise combination of GPS, GSM, and GPRS-enabled tracking devices. A combination of these devices will allow you to track to assets and personnel, eliminating any unauthorized use of your fleet. These tracking devices also allow you to set up geofences in priority areas, these are virtual geographic boundaries, and with state-of-the-art software you will be immediately notified if your fleet vehicles enter or leave a particular point of interest. We have extremely well trained and equipped armed reaction officers nationwide. Other services include very efficient lie detector specialists and investigators.


The best way to optimise your fleet strategy is to collect all the data that you can – from GPS tracking to fuel level sensors – and generate reports from that. This gives you a comprehensive overview of your fleet and allows you to make informed decisions based on smart and accurate data going forward.

At Landmark Tracking we want to offer you our in-depth industry knowledge so that you can optimize your fleet strategy. By partnering with us, you will be able to utilize the latest technology to give you real-time visibility of your business operations, as well as effective fleet management strategies. Get in contact today to find out more on how we can help you optimize your fleet operations.