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Secure yourself – personal vehicle safety

Fleet Management

South African motorists face potential vehicle theft and hijacking on a daily basis. Whether you are a young driver, a single occupant female driver or a sales rep on the road, vehicle-related crime is a pressing concern.

Car and truck hijacking continue to be a major problem on South African roads as the latest statistics provided by the SAPS indicates that there were 16 325 carjackings and 1202 truck hijackings reported. SAPS also reported that 50 663 vehicles were stolen during 2017/18.

At Landmark Tracking, we pride ourselves in offering our clients South African solutions for unique challenges, including vehicle monitoring and recovery using the latest advancements in GPS tracking technology.

GPS technology

GPS technology is most commonly associated with finding the best travel route, or where the nearest petrol station is, but it offers so much more than that. GPS tracking panic buttons are specifically designed to combat the realities of vehicle theft and hijacking.

A GPS-enabled panic button provides fast access to life-saving assistance. It is a thumb-sized device allowing urgent call during an emergency case. Our panic system will alert our control room and any designated individuals, authorities or control centres, to your exact location in an emergency.

GPS technology will guide emergency response to your location and add a layer of much needed security to your vehicle.

Features at a glance:

Our product features more than just GPS technology to keep you safe.

  • Once the panic button is pressed and an SOS emergency call is sent out, the listen-in mode will activate. This allows security services and designated individuals to listen in to the device monitor in the vehicle without being detected.
  • Through remote cut-off functionality you will be able to compel the vehicle to stop moving by breaking off the fuel connection. This means that would-be criminals will not be able to get too far in your vehicle.
  • Get instant alerts and alarms if the vehicle is speeding, powered off or passing through undesignated geo-fenced points.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is an automotive feature that allows you to know the ignition status of your vehicle whenever you need.
  • The security system comes standard with a built-in high capacity 450mAh Li-ion battery that ensures a steady and sufficient back-up power supply.
  • All the features are cloud-enabled and in real-time. This means you can track your vehicle via your smart phone or laptop. You can also get alerts via SMS.

Who would benefit:

  • Individuals who are looking for peace of mind on the roads
  • Sales reps that travel a lot and want to ensure their safety
  • Delivery vehicles who are often targeted for their goods
  • Service technicians, much like sales reps need an added layer of security
  • Young drivers who are new to the road and are unfamiliar with risk signs
  • High-risk fleet vehicles would benefit from this added layer of security

At Landmark Tracking we believe that whether you have 1 vehicle or 1000, you should be able to travel the roads knowing you are secure. Our team of dedicated professionals uses the latest technology and operational expertise to provide our clients, big and small, with the highest quality service offering that provides peace of mind. Secure your vehicle today.