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What are the benefits of MDVR to fleet managers?

Vehicle Safety

Being able to see what is going on in each of the vehicles that make up your fleet, can be an invaluable addition to your fleet management practices. Fleet managers have the opportunity to gain a wealth of actionable insights to help improve and secure the operations of their trucks, buses, taxis or delivery vehicle fleets.

MDVRs (Mobile Digital Video Recorders) are onboard camera systems that offer the operational centres of a fleet to maintain real-time surveillance of their vehicles and drivers. You will typically find a series of onboard cameras in different positions, from in-cab and road-facing to load monitoring and blind spots or passenger and cash-point monitoring in taxis and buses.

These cameras record, store and upload the footage, in addition to the live feed, and allows managers to use those recordings for coaching, evidence or proof of misconduct. Operational management, services, safety and efficiency can all be improved with the additional information provided by MDVR systems. Here is a deeper exploration into the specific benefits of MDVR for vehicle fleet management.

Real-time monitoring and surveillance

The ongoing digital age that we are in has allowed us to make tremendous leaps in many aspects of technology and the internet. This includes the area of video telematics and the advancements in the affordability, size, versatility and access of onboard camera systems, giving fleet managers the opportunity to see what is happening on the roads and inside their vehicles.

Remote monitoring and surveillance of fleet vehicles can be performed from a central hub, where all the video feeds of those vehicles are accessible and a manager can observe all of their drivers and vehicles. By using this technology, managers do not have to rely on second-hand accounts of incidents and can trust that their drivers are conducting their duties safely and correctly. In combination with other video telematics (such as GPS tracking), MDVR gives managers the full picture of what is happening on the road. Utilizing various apps, fleet managers and owners can also see views from their phones, tablets etc.

Ensuring road rule –and company – compliance

Whether a fleet is made up of cars, bakkies, taxis, buses or trucks, there is a driver that is needed to utilise those assets. The better, safer and more compliant that driver is with the rules of the road and the company, the more effective the use of that vehicle will be. Decades ago, this kind of monitoring and evaluation would have to occur periodically and in person. Today, managers can see what their drivers are doing and solve issues as they arise.

Not wearing seatbelts, treating customers poorly, driving under the influence, crossing solid lines, making phone calls and so many other daily occurrences, that can hurt your business, could be noticed and prevented sooner with the addition of MDVR systems. The footage and insights gained in this process will also help managers coach and train the next generation of drivers much more effectively.

Improving safety and deterring criminal activity

Compliance to the rules of the road and meeting company standards are the primary function of driver surveillance, but it also helps improve driver and passenger safety as well as deterring criminals who are aware of the video monitoring. In times where a driver is unable to perform their duties, being rude to a customer or being threatened by someone else, the fleet’s headquarters, owner, manager or control room can be made aware of the issue immediately and begin to take action.

The hope is that drivers will never face criminal activity, the reality is that South African roads can be treacherous. Criminals who consider a driver or their vehicle as a target does not only have an opportunity to be caught in the act by the MDVR, but also functions as a deterrent as thieves are far less likely to take the risk if they know there are onboard cameras. A fleet manager should know when and if something is going wrong with their driver or vehicle as soon as possible.

Reliable evidence for traffic disputes and other incidents

As stated, driving can be a hazardous job at the best of times. However, when something goes wrong, such as a hijacking or aroad accident, there is an opportunity for disputes to arise between managers and their drivers, their drivers and other drivers or insurance companies and fleet companies. Having real, raw footage of the incident that occurred can be a huge legal benefit in court or as proof of innocence for a driver that is being blamed.

Fleet drivers should have the opportunity to prove that they were in the right and have their fleet manager observe and acknowledge the footage. This creates a protection layer for all drivers in a fleet, as long as they are driving safely and performing their duties well. If an accident occurs and they insist it was another driver’s fault, there is an opportunity to prove if they are being falsely blamed by an opportunistic driver or insurance company. The security and confidence a fleet manager can gain, simply introducing MDVR into their fleet, can be organisation-altering addition.

For outstanding video monitoring and surveillance solutions that can raise your fleet’s productivity, safety and efficiency, while making fleet management simpler than ever, contact Landmark Tracking and let us know how we can help your fleet.