Why Fuel Management Systems Are Essential

Fuel Management

You would be hard-pressed to find any individual or business that is not feeling the aftershock of the petrol price hikes in South Africa. The latest fuel hikes put SA fuel at the highest it’s ever been, on average we are paying 2.8% more per litre of fuel in 2018 than what we did in 2013, which was the last time we saw record high fuel prices. However, a number of fleet management solutions can offset the recent fuel hikes, as well as this year’s VAT increase from 14% to 15%.

So first, let us explain what a fuel management system does. It is essentially a technology-based tool. A fuel-level sensor is installed that works with any pump-able liquid or gaseous fuel for attended or unattended fueling sites. By using automation, all fuel-related information is captured instantaneously and is available for any staff member to use, all the while generating in-depth fuel reports, including fill-ups & usage. The system provides real-time visibility of all aspects of fuel management and fueling activities.

At Landmark Tracking we offer comprehensive fuel management systems to help you fight the impact of fuel price hikes and manage rising operational expenditure. Here are a couple key benefits of using a fuel management system for your business.

Better security

Any small loss eventually adds up when doing business and fuel theft and abuse are not uncommon in the fleet industry. Fuel losses, however small, are frustrating and costly. With a fuel management system, you always know what you have and where it’s going. With a fuel management system, you can efficiently monitor your drivers and ensure that they’re fueling the right vehicles at the right station at the right time. The report generated can also help you to assess where and when a fuel theft has occurred.

Fuel Efficiency

As fuel remains between 30% and 70% of overall variable costs for corporate fleets, it is no surprise that reducing this cost is the number one target for improving operational efficiency.

With a fuel management system, you will be able to track a variety of factors that contribute to your overall fuel expenditure. Through tracking reports you will be to accurately calculate the kilometers traveled by your fleet and the amount of fuel used – giving you the ability to accurately generate a precise cost per kilometer for your fleet. By tracking details such as run and idle time, you will be able to identify opportunities eliminate fuel wastage and improve driver training. Through reducing wear-and-tear and improving your driver’s habits, you will be able to get the most out of your fuel.

In fact, some fleets are able to reduce fuel consumption by as much as 40% by focusing on two categories: idling and driving habits. Idling is a huge waste of fuel – imagine if your drivers stop several times throughout the day for 10-15minutes each time in order to reach a customer. When drivers idle, it is an inefficient use of fuel and you can curb this through fuel monitoring. Through the generated reports, you will also be able to better address the problem of bad driving habits. When drivers accelerate or brake too harshly, they burn through fuel, ultimately wasting it. This excessive fuel consumption can be corrected through in-depth reporting that allows you to better train your drivers and get rid of their bad habits.

Time and expenses

In the modern digital age that we live in, technology-based tools afford businesses the opportunity to save time and money through the process of automation. The process of automated data capture virtually eliminates human error. This means real-time visibility and improved data quality for each vehicle and each fueling session. Automatic record-keeping also ensures consistent regular maintenance, wherever needed, so that you can keep your fleet on the road for longer. You will also be able to generate reports at anytime so that you can continuously monitor your fleet’s fuel consumption.

Be in the driving seat

With the aid of a fuel management system, you will give yourself the power to truly streamline your fleet operations. Through the automated data capture you will be able to assess and refine your operations, quickly being able to identify inefficient fuel consumption and curb these loses before they get out of hand. The bottom line is that your fuel management system will pay for itself in a short amount of time by saving you money through better fuel consumption practices.

At Landmark Tracking we have a dedicated team of professionals providing the highest quality service offering to our clients, using the latest fuel monitoring technology and operational expertise. Regardless of whether your fleet is small, medium, or large we develop custom solutions to help you reduce your operational costs. Our fuel management system is as user-friendly as possible so you can keep record, analyse, obtain helpful insights and take action. If you want to reduce your fuel wastage, contact us today!