Why periodic vehicle testing, and inspection is important

Fleet Management

The enforcement of compulsory, periodic roadworthy testing is long overdue. Road users need to be regularly educated on the condition of the car they are driving, and user of public transport also need the assurance that taxis, buses etc. that they are using on a daily are being tested regularly.

The implementation of this act will result in great benefits for the country in terms of reducing road deaths, creating jobs and stimulating the retail sector with the maintenance of vehicles in a safe and roadworthy condition.

It is crucial that credible roadworthy testers are used for this process and even stricter controls on the policing side are implemented.

  1. Get into the habit

Vehicle testing, and inspection is the responsibility of road users. Car owners and drivers need to get into the habit of regularly servicing our vehicles or requesting that the vehicles they are using be serviced.

Several workshops, including MIWA , offer free vehicle checks at different times in the year, especially ahead of the holidays. This is a great offering to many people who are financially unable to pay for their cars to be serviced on a regular basis. However, many South Africans still choose not to take advantage of these offers and not only endanger themselves on our roads but also the drivers around them who may have done the right thing and had a service.

Car owners should also try keep up with their vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule. This can help avoid costly problems with the cooling system, drivetrain, suspension and other components of the car.

  1. Choose reputable workshops

Car owners and drivers should be encouraged to service their vehicles at a reputable workshop that only uses quality oil, fluids and parts. It might sound like a viable option to service your vehicle for as cheaply as possible but making sure you understand that the financial implications in the long run will outweigh the apparent short-term benefit is essential to maintaining your car.

As South Africans, we all need to do what we can to ensure that our roads become safer. Making sure our vehicles are roadworthy is a good first step.