How to secure your fleet

Fleet Management

An integral part of your fleet management should be fleet security as this will allow for preventative solutions that safeguard your fleet. As a fleet owner, the security of your vehicles is always of utmost importance and this includes the security of your fleet while stopped or not in operation. At Landmark Tracking we offer comprehensive fleet management solutions that secure your vehicles and ensure the smooth functioning of your business.

Vehicle tracking

The number one way to secure a modern fleet is with the use of a modern tracker. An effective vehicle tracking device ensures that you can recover stolen or rogue vehicles while reducing the chance of lost or stolen cargo.  At Landmark Tracking, we use a combination of GPS, GSM, and GPRS-enabled tracking devices to provide the best fleet management. With real-time asset tracking, you will be able to geofence points of interest, so you are sure of where your vehicles are and where they are meant to be. Our tracking devices easily integrate with laptops and cell phones so that if anything untoward occurs, you will get an immediate alert. The sooner you are able to act, the more likely you are to recover your vehicle.

This multi-layered vehicle tracking system provides other important benefits such as preventing any unauthorised use of your vehicles through driver identification and scheduling regular maintenance. Landmark Tracking has also partnered with well-trained and efficient armed reaction officers nationwide and can also provide lie detector specialists and investigators.

Video Tracking

Video tracking is an added layer of security for your fleet that allows you to keep a watchful eye on your fleet and staff, both on and off road, right from the comfort of your own desk. Our Dash Camera allow you to keep a record of all activity taking place using live videos and still imagery, with up to four installed cameras per unit. Our video tracking devices also have GPS tracker installed that will assist with monitoring where your fleet vehicles are at all times, even when the cameras are off.

Video tracking also assists with any insurance claims that may arise. The footage from your onboard cameras can show what actually occurred in the case of an accident, or attempted theft, speeding up the insurance process and providing reliable evidence in your favour. The cameras can also improve driver behaviours which will add to the safety of your fleet.

Fuel Monitoring

With the rising cost of fuels, your fleet cannot afford any fuel loss or theft. With a Fuel Monitoring system installed your fleet will have an added layer of security. With effective reporting and controls, you will be able to monitor the fuel levels in all your vehicles, helping to cut down any wastage due to idling or theft.  We provide real-time fuel monitoring reports that include any fill-ups and usage of fuel. Our sensitive fuel sensors will also alert you if fuel drainage is occurring, indicating fuel theft. A fuel monitoring system is an essential tool to add to your fleet management do you know that drivers are fuelling up at the right times and at the right stations.

Whether you have 1 or 1000 vehicles in your fleet, the security of your fleet is always a pressing concern. Whether it be safeguarding against theft or insurance claims, we have the solution for you. At landmark Tracking, we make it our business to ensure your fleet operations are optimised and secured. If you are interested in safeguarding your fleet, find out more here.