3 Reasons why your fleet needs a dash cam now

Video Tracking

As fuel prices continue to rise and the cost of doing business continues to increase, you may be wondering whether or not you should invest in a dashboard camera for your fleet. Is another investment in your fleet really going to reduce my costs? In short, the answer is yes! Dash Cams are an effective way to monitor and improve your fleet operations as a whole. Increased optimisation means a reduction of your bottom line. As a South African fleet operation, there is a particular benefit in installing a dash cam with the high rates of uninsured drivers and unworthy road vehicles that can cost your fleet an arm and a leg. A dash cam is the simplest way to safeguard your fleet from a variety of potential businesses losses.

How does a dash cam work?

Dash cams are small devices that are mounted onto vehicle dashboards and windscreens. They record a continuous stream and the video footage is recorded to an onboard solid-state hard drive. Through innovative cloud-based technology, this footage can be accessed by fleet managers in real-time.

Using cutting edge technologies, the telemetric data (your speed and exact driving route) is also continually recorded and then saved in the event of a crash. You can also create event triggers – like unusual stops, accidents and route deviations – that utilise the onboard G-sensors to automatically save all the video footage captured immediately before, during and after the event.

1.   GPS Monitoring

An effective dash cam like the DASHBOARD CAMERA 840  has inbuilt GPS functionality. This functionality provides fleet managers with the ability to oversee the routes vehicles are taking. With fleetwide monitoring, you safeguard your fleet operations from fuel wastage and any sort of fraud.

By the effective use of GPS monitoring, you gain immediate and invaluable insight into the whereabouts of your assets and personnel. From this you will be able to highlight points of interest and increase the productivity of your fleet by making sure your drivers are staying en-route and on task.

2.   Monitor and improve driver performance

Hiring drivers that are trustworthy and skilled is an essential part in the success of your fleet. However, there is always room for improvement. Drivers are often faced with unpredictable situations and circumstances on South African roads, from aggressive drivers, to poor road maintenance to pedestrians.

A dash cam can be an asset to your fleet as it can inspire behaviour changes, as drivers know they are being monitored and this adds an added level of caution and defensive driving habits. It is very important that when dash cameras are integrated into your fleet operation that your drivers are aware that they are being watched, not in order to spy on them but rather to help them and offer them a level of added safety when it comes to accidents.

These slight behaviour changes can reduce your costs and can ensure that your fleet stays on the road for longer. It also enables you to evaluate which drivers need further training

3.   Simplify insurance claims

There is an increase in fraudulent claims for accidents on South African roads. These “Cash For Crash” claims are a trend that has fleet managers very concerned. With a dash cam, you ensure that you have real-time evidence of what did or did not occur on the road.

The often long and drawn out insurance claims process is generally sped up when a dash cam video is part of the case. This can settle the matter faster and take less of your time away from operating your business. It can be extremely hard for insurance companies to determine who exactly caused an accident. Footage from dash cams is not only useful for supporting insurance claims but also when it comes to apportioning the correct amount of compensation and responsibility of those involved.

This is also highly beneficial as drivers know that they are safeguarded against false claims. If your fleet drivers believe they are part of a team that looks out for them then your operations will likely benefit from loyal and productive drivers.

With a dash cam system in place you can keep a watchful eye on your fleet and staff, both on and off road, right from the comfort of your own desk. Dash cams are an effective tool in reducing accidents, preventing fraud and saving lives on the road.

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