Minimise your costs and boost your fleet ROI

Fleet Management

It can be difficult to figure out where to cut costs when it comes to your fleet management. Beyond this, there are so many tools and apps available, it can be challenging to decide which technology is right for your company that ensures results for your fleet and a return on your investment. At Landmark Tracking, we have made it our business to ensure that your business runs efficiently and reliably. So, we have put together a comprehensive list of ways you can reduce the costs associated with operating and managing your fleet in order to boost your ROI.

Optimise your fuel consumption

With petrol prices continuing to rise and fuel remaining between 30% and 70% of overall variable costs for corporate fleets, this is a clear point where your fleet should be aiming to reduce costs.

By investing a fuel management system, you can efficiently monitor your drivers and ensure that they are fueling the right vehicles, at the right station, at the right time. At Landmark Tracking we offer a fuel management system that can monitor this and more. By installing a small fuel level monitor you will be able to generate reporting to help you optimise your fuel consumption.

With state-of-the art technology you can analyse your fleet’s fuel consumption, as well as detect any fuel theft that may be occurring. This is an invaluable tool from which you can make informed and strategic business decisions moving forward.

Invest in a GPS tracking system

One of the smartest decisions you can take is to implement a tried-and-tested GPS tracking device. They are discreet and simple to install, easy to use, and start providing you with valuable insights right away.

These devices can help you track your assets and personnel, knowing what is going on with your fleet at all times. Our GPS tracking devices integrate with both laptop and mobile devices, so you have real-time visibility, no matter where you are. You can also prevent any unauthorised use of your fleet vehicles.

With state-of-the-art GPS tracking you can also geofence points of interest and create shorter routes for your fleet to travel. By reducing the time and distance between points you ensure that your fleet is traveling the fastest, most efficient route between job sites which in turn will reduce your fuel consumption.

Integration is key

By making use of an integrated business solution, your company will be able to reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction through improved communication and commitment abilities, which ultimately leads to more productive process flows.

You want to make use of simple integrations, so you can receive quicker returns on your investment. Through smart integration you can grow your profit margins by managing your fleet on one centralised system. increases. A centralised solution which easily integrates helps simplify the implementation process. This means less disruption within day-to-day operations and an increased likelihood of early adoption of new technologies. At Landmark Tracking, we seek to give our customers tools that they can leverage to expand their use and effectiveness, and this is done through a fully optimised and centralised integration system.

Improve your user experience

No matter what industry you are in how the user engages with and experiences the product is critical in adoption of that technology – ease of use and efficiencies matter. Beyond this, your tools should be practical and efficient in order to give you accurate data and reporting capability, that can be used to see places you can improve and optimise your operation.

That is why our focus is on developing customisable solutions, regardless of whether your fleet is small, medium, or large. We are driven to make our fleet management services as user-friendly as possible to ensure that you get optimal results. In order to achieve this, we settle for nothing less than the best when it comes to our customer service and technological offerings.

All of these improvements mean one important thing: your business will operate more smoothly, reducing your costs and increasing your profit margins, which means that you can deliver better, faster service to your customers.

At Landmark Tracking we continuously grow and evolve, offering our clients South African solutions for unique challenges including vehicle monitoring and recovery, risk analysis, fleet optimisation and training, and security audits. Our dedicated team of professionals provide you with in-depth industry knowledge that is relevant to a South African context, as well as the highest quality using the latest technology.

Get in touch today to find out how Landmark tracking can help you reduce your operational costs and boost ROI.